PM Modi urges extra caution to State CMs over COVID-19 control

Photograph: A file pic of PM Narendra Modi taking the COVID-19 vaccine

Expressing concern over the recent spike in Covid-19 cases in some states, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said the relative success of India in dealing with the pandemic should not give way to “carelessness” and people should seriously follow the ‘Test, Track and Treat’ formula to stop this emerging “second peak” of the virus.

Addressing the chief ministers of different states through video conferencing, Modi said, “The number of cases is increasing in some states. This increase is more than 150 percent in 70 districts of the country. We must stop this emerging “second peak” of Corona immediately.”

“The position we have reached in the fight against corona, the confidence we have now, should not give way to carelessness.”

“In several states, rapid antigen testing is being stressed upon which needs transformation. Every state in the country needs to stress more on RT-PCR test,” he added.

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