Top 5 NGOs in India

There are certain non-government organizations in India which help us become good human beings. They inspire us to do a bit we can and contribute to making the world a better place. We are all here to create a difference in the world, so that when we leave we can safely say, “We helped to make at least one life better.” We would like to list down some NGOs of India out of many:


Goonj is an NGO based in Delhi. It does a lot of activities to improve a lot of things in the society. The main forte of Goonj is they focus on recycling clothes and providing them to the needy. Also, other activities Goonj focuses on are humanitarian aid, developing community and disaster relief. Goonj works in 23 states of India and also in rural areas. The founder of Goonj is Anshu Gupta and it was founded in the year 1999. Till date, they are consistent in improving the areas which require focus.

Smile foundation

When Smile Foundation was started, the main purpose of it was to promote education to the underprivileged in India. The NGO is based in New Delhi and works around 25 states in India. The Smile Foundation tries to reach as many children as they can and even their families. Apart from education, they also focus on Education, health, livelihood for children and women, provision to be equally affected by lack of resources. They have different names for certain programmes.

CRY (Child Rights and You)

The CRY was founded by Ripon Kapoor in 1979. The NGO helps restore children’s rights that offers quality, respect and justice. CRY works in improving almost everything, they also offer time and money to ensure a happy and healthy childhood. They touch the lives of thousands of children.

Make A Difference (MAD)

The children in orphanages and shelters are being empowered by MAD. The name in itself suggests that they are open to Make A Difference in the world. The organization ensures that the children will be economically independent and will be able to achieve their dreams. The volunteers here teach, interact and take care of those children and dedicate 2-10 hours mentoring every week.


It is one of the largest NGO in India. Bhumi organizes two programmes called Ignite and Catalyse.. Ignite gives an education programme while Catalyse focuses on animal welfare, health and environment. It works at building a socially conscious society.

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